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Private Coaching

Soul Integration Coaching

Dissolve-Dismantle-Disarm old patterns, break cycles, break old belief systems that are no longer supporting, finding the root. Conscious Alignment with your soul. Work to become more aware and live your consciousness. Inner child work-letter scripting your new reality.

This is for someone who has had enough and ready to dissolve what's in their way of living their best life spiritually, mentally and emotionally! Someone who is ready to be held accountable and strategize on what is holding them back in relationships, careers, aspects of having a family, starting a business, and keeping clients, etc. Anywhere in life - to reveal and bring to light what is in the subconscious and bring it to consciousness to work and shift the consciousness. Goal Setting, working together weekly to explore and achieve the next steps. Explore the Life Wheel, Relationship Wheel, and Spiritual Wheel.  There are weekly sessions and goal setting.


$350 for 2 hr session


RTT Hypnotherapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy

What is RTT? Rapid Transformational Therapy is a neuroscience-based therapeutic approach that combines the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP, and CBT. Both approaches utilize a hypnotic state, but RTT incorporates a few other specific techniques to achieve your desired result.

Helps with: Anxiety, OCD, Weight, Victim consciousness, Relationships, PTSD, addictions….etc.



$299 for a 2-hour session or A package of 6 for $999 for 1.5-hour sessions.

Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing

Conventional Soul Integration

Reset your space new and old. Choose from: Healing Vortex Clearing Energy, Reiki Session or Universal Ray Healing 

This is for anyone that is needing to clear energy. Feeling stuck, relationship breakups, upset business partners, toxic work environments, lower consciousness energy, and feeling "something is off".... at a standstill, confused and wanting change, and not making any progress. This is also for people who are wanting to clear space in the home or office and also for new business especially if you are renting someone else's space. We as people can often take on other people's energy if we are not careful and then think it's ours.



 Reiki/Vortex Energy Clearing/Extraction - $250, or

On-site Space Clearing for Business/Home - $555.00 (2 hours) depending on space

Shadow Integration

Shadow Integration Work

Rapid Transformational Therapy

What is Shadow Integration? Shadow work is the process of exploring your inner darkness or  aspects of yourself. It helps you uncover the parts of you that you have pushed away and ignored, repressed, disowned, rejected, and pushed to the side. It is the most authentic path to awakening and showing up as an integrated soul. The only thing that is needed is a prescription for love and increased courage.

This is for someone who is struggling with themselves, self-hatred, emotionally and physically disconnected, and ready to do some deep work with themselves and heal and integrate their consciousness and bring all of themselves into wholeness right now.



$6,900 for a 6-month process-1x month energy healing included, and weekly coaching

13 Transition

13 Transitions to Transformation

This is a 13 month coaching group container where you will do the work to integrate energies on a conscious level! Making new friends and creating new time lines for yourself! This is group consciousness work. Everyone will receive a Universal Healing Rays once a month for 13 months.

People who are looking to get unstuck, ready to shift their life emotionally, mentally and spiritually in A 13-month program. This has coaching packages, vision and action gridding, new formulations of manifestation and Universal Ray Healing Sessions. Starting a new business, shifting relationships, and working to creating new habits, new beliefs and dissolving what is no longer working. This is an amazing container which will bring transformation and new ways of living right within your soul! Join us- space is limited to 22 people!


Your commitment in a 13-month mastery program

3 Month Coaching - Spiritual Integration

Bridge Into A New Life- Yes you!

This is for that person who is ready to consciously shift their life. Meaning be more connected with faith and allowing more surrender to the divine plan. Maybe they have been in traditional therapy for some time....just sharing the story, but never getting to really what's present.

Over indulgent in emotions, overload, emotional/mentally exhausted,  overworked, with too much mind chatter. Basically this person is ready for "HOUSE CLEAN OUT" of the mind and body.


This person will need to be willing to grow and see the parts of themselves that continue to sabotage their dreams. Ready to resolve and dissolve what is in the way!

There will be assignments on self-development, Tools (exploring the divine masculine and divine feminine), monthly reiki healing provided,  meditation, and exploration of the self and integration into consciousness.  Working with those parts of you and teaching you how to work with yourself instead of "fighting against yourself"




3Mont Coachig
Heart Cleanout

Heart Cleansing

For you to have more Conscious Relationships,  and increased self-love

Clearing out pain, bitter energy, resentment, and old relationship energy held in the heart. 

This is for anyone wanting to energetically clean out the heart from relationship heartbreak and stay "free" of hurts and bitterness and grudges that we have been holding onto. Do you feel heavy, can't get any relationship right or feel like you are always in conflict or judging? 

Receive light clearings weekly to forgive and create new belief systems within your heart. Movement in your own safe space, script writing, healing the heart through the mother line. Learn to make powerful decisions from your heart moving forward and not your place of pain. Beautiful Experience...come out seeing relationships with new eyes.

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$333.00 One month weekly 1:1 heart clarity

House Clearing

House Space Clearing

Space Clearing

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