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Next session begins:
June 15th
7-9pm est

Heart Chakra Clearing

How do I know if my heart is blocked?

Meet your Coach

Joann Malanga

Joann Malanga is the key to integrating all aspects of your healing journey together.

As a certified Life Transition Coach, Universal Rays Practitioner and now an RTT Hypnotherapist Joann guides you to remove your subconscious blocks, opening new pathways. With her keen self-awareness, strong intuition, and servant leadership skills, she is able to relate on profound levels with all people, at any age, and every religion and every ethnic background. 

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What is the Heart Clean Out?

Clear out pain, bitter energy, resentment, and old relationships from the safety of your own home


Energy Clearing

Negative energy and pain are the root to blockage in the heart. We will pull out and remove that negative energy and welcome in positive energy. 



Through the power of guided mediation, we will process energies that no longer serve you, and dissolve them.  



With your heart clear of negative energy, you will learn to protect your space and integrate your healing into your every day life through manifestation and journaling.

Next session starting soon!

June 15th 

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