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The Unguarded Heart

Release the Past, Embrace the Present, and Liberate Your Future

Presented by Joann Malanga,
Soul Integration Coach

Reiki (Master), Integrative Energy Practitioner, Certified Life Transition Coach, Universal Rays Practitioner and RTT Hypnotherapist 

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About the Program

A three-month coaching program designed to cleanse your heart and help you live your most fulfilling life.


Coaching and Healing

Engage in a profound healing process with weekly coaching sessions dedicated to nurturing the heart. The program introduces the powerful "U-Turn Method," illuminating its significance in your life's narrative. These coaching sessions serve as a compass, guiding you through the intricate landscape of emotions, facilitating healing, and paving the way for a more authentic and fulfilled existence.


Daily Mindfulness & Transformation Tools

Equip yourself with practical and transformative tools on a daily basis, designed to break patterns and maintain a heightened state of consciousness. Learn to recognize when you're operating from the mind and effortlessly shift into the heart. The program provides alchemical tools to not only shift but also to open and channel heart energy effectively. These tools extend beyond theoretical knowledge, empowering you to apply them in real-life situations and pose self-conscious questions, fostering ongoing growth.


Empowerment & Manifestation:

Immerse yourself in the radiant aspects of joy and empowerment as you navigate life on your terms. The program unfolds a pathway to manifesting your desires rapidly while staying steadfast on your life path. Experience a high-energy alignment that is authentic, raw, and genuinely real. Through the integration of various aspects into the heart, you'll discover a newfound sense of wholeness, safety, confidence, and power. This empowerment enables you to live life authentically, unapologetically, and in alignment with your true self.


Community & Support:

Embark on a transformative journey within a nurturing community of like-minded individuals, providing a space for mutual upliftment and unwavering support. Through shared experiences and collective understanding, this community becomes a vital pillar in your pursuit of personal growth and self-discovery. As connections are rebuilt consciously, the program emphasizes the importance of sustaining these meaningful relationships, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive together.

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