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Meet Joann

Conscious Intervention Life Coach-Experienced. Certified. Conscious. Teacher

Joann Malanga started working in the Senior Living industry as a nurse’s aide at the age of 19 while attending college.  She experienced what it felt like to be at the caring end of the spectrum as she came face to face with the seniors.  She found herself frustrated and appalled by the care and at times neglect that the residents were getting.  She knew that she could do better and make a difference in the Assisted Living Communities and as a leader, not where she was standing.  She also witnessed how resistant seniors were to change and how they were not willing to transform and grow. Many did not follow a holistic path of aging and they were heavily medicated, sad, depressed, and lonely. Most trusted what the physician said, and no one else. Joann was always processing what was around her and always lent a listening ear to the residents.

It was a pivotal point in Joann’s life when she became aware that she was meant to lead, and be a channel for change.

She had a vision for conscious leadership and that is where her healing journey began in 1998. 

On the weekends she made it a point to volunteer when the facilities needed help with activities.  She worked tirelessly, and even though she could not always see the road or direction she was heading in, she always could see the end result. Over the course of seventeen years Joann experienced every facet of the Assisted Living Industry, from being a nurse’s aide to coordinating resident care services, to running the kitchen, passing out medications, and running activities As an Executive Director, she ran smaller communities with a resident capacity of 60 residents to running larger communities with over 154 units as well as a community that was specialized for the memory impaired. Throughout her experience, she noticed the same things happening with people aging and their whole idea about aging. After 20-something years of suppressing and pushing through life, Joann experienced severe anxiety and panic from endless hours of working in the industry. From physician to physician telling her she needed anti-depressants, or being told “all women were depressed” and a 3-month refill on Xanax- seriously???? Then a boyfriend telling her she was too much? Just one more thing, to help her awaken on a much deeper level ….

She quickly realized there had to be something more…something else and not everyone has to take medicine, did they? Just asking the questions placed Joann on a whole new path- we would say it was a “pivot point”. 

Joann knew that if she was to become a leader, then she needed to find solutions to her own path and find balance and not be a “slave” to anyone’s system. Little by little, even at work, employees would come to her about emotional /mental issues that she would need to coach them through. It was similar stories throughout…

Joann has gained awareness, empathy skills, and always strived to be a conscientious leader. She realized that running a business is more about channeling one's energy and always about how you show up!


Fast-forward 25 years later, she has found that working with people has made a profound difference in her life mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. She was blessed to have found coaches, healers, shamans, and holistic practitioners that cared.

She has so much passion about “connection”, and believes that people are meant to be around people, connecting and thriving in life, and not alone. We need our tribe to survive and also make time for ourselves and our partners need to get that. We need better leaders and we need to show our children how to lead us to unity and not separation.

Joann completed her Practice license for Reiki (Master) in 2005 as, Integrative Energy Practitioner, while working full-time as an Executive Director at one of the most reputable AL communities.  She also became a Certified Life Transition Coach and Universal Rays Practitioner and now an RTT Hypnotherapist to help remove subconscious blocks for people so they can be empowered and move out of trauma and addiction. She went back to school and obtained a Master's degree, because she felt to, not because she needed it. She won numerous awards for outstanding service year after year voted on by families and businesses in the surrounding areas in the Healthcare Industry. 


Joann brings a unique combination of knowledge from intricate jobs in healthcare, combined with a love for the elderly and a need to achieve the best service and not settle for anything LESS both personally and professionally.  Joann Malanga holds the capability of understanding life challenges, transitions, and the expectations that life places on us.  She takes conscious living to the next level.  With her keen self-awareness, strong intuition, and servant leadership skills, she is able to relate on profound levels with all people, at any age, and every religion and every ethnic background. 

She teaches you how to move through transitioning the self with her empathic nature and mindset of possibility to show you the new road to a thriving life.


Her ancient wisdom of healing can uproot many traumas that we suppress from childhood all too often causing physical /mental manifestation of pain.  She shows you ways to unfold into your everyday life, as opposed to resisting it.  She carries the energy to support you to move your consciousness to the next level as she has.

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