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Mind Food-Do I have to work hard to gain respect?

The mind is my super power.

Our mind is our own.

As a young woman, I THOUGHT I had to work hard to gain respect. This is a belief I had…and then as a woman I valued “respect”, instead of connection. My friend said that it’s only real if you believe your thoughts. Notice how true this is.

If you believe your thoughts then they are true. Whatever your mind says, nobody outside of yourself can tell you anything.

I think its time we tell ourself something new this year;

I am human.

It’s okay to have a messy and moody day.

I make space for myself and others.

A day where I feel sad.

A day where I feel angry.

A day where I want to be alone and go to the beach or to the woods.

A day where i need to sort through my feelings of fustration, cause my life didnt turn out the way I thought it would.

A day where I am processing and need to be alone or need emotional support.

But, the reality is me having a CRAPPY Thinking Day”!!!!

Notice the energy you take on as your own. Notice that every thought you have ever thought, eventually leaves.

Embrace life and take control. YOU MASTER YOUR MIND.

Be a rebel and fight…and know you are human!

Love over Fear,

Joann Malanga

The Integrative Conscious Vibe Center

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