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Has Fear Taken Over...when the good was about to come in?

Contemplation on times of fear took over, when love was about to come in;

Meditation on Relationships

Although projection is always in the background. We want love –joy and freedom but then we let fear take over and run the show. We say things we do not mean, and let our fear dictate the way it is supposed to be. We need to stay awake to the feelings coming up. We need to stay awake to the way we are behaving and the “old” stories running in the background when we are speaking to people in friendship, or speaking to a parent, parenting our children, speaking to our partners and the way we speak to yourself.

It is totally an illusion to think that we do not have this already in relationships. We create barriers prior to the relationship even beginning. We self-sabotage because we are afraid to take the risk and get hurt. When the past is the present, it comes up in the current relationships and it is running the show and we don’t even know it. It’s the subconscious that is running the old unresolved stories.

It’s important to stay awake to this… aware.

For example, say you had an old relationship that you thought you resolved all emotions and trigger around it 10 years ago, then you meet a great man/woman now and they are doing certain things like the old person was doing. You will start to bring all those old feelings and stories into it including triggers that were not resolved. It is important to look at what is coming up and identify where it is coming from.

When you are happy, you can only give happiness. When you are suffering, you project pain and act from this place of pain. Think about that. Everyone feels energy, they feel it. They will feel it and react and dispel.

When have you acted from a place of suffering and instead of creating have destroyed something whether it be a relationship, a job, promotion, family event or close partnership?

What has the cost been?

What happened?

Feel those feelings…..

Contemplation healing on unresolved relationships…what relationships are unresolved in you?

Hope this sparks some healing!

Love over Fear,


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