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"Conscious of What My Mind Tells Me"

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Staying Conscious of the Voice inside of your head.

Who’s is it?

Paying attention to the internal world inside of you is something we are not taught to do. Many of us did not grow up in homes where we were taught emotional safety or to pay attention to the words, we tell ourselves. Many of us would never speak to others the way we speak to ourselves. Well, I was not taught to be mindful of my thoughts and I was not taught to be positive....well not exactly. That’s my story anyway and I certainly don’t blame anyone for choice was to grow and evolve into someone different.

I know that the subconscious/ego personality makes it so easy for us to just shove our emotions under the rug and continue with our daily life. We numb out- or choose vices to numb out, until we are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Think about it, we are taught to stay positive and if something in our life is happening to not share with anyone and just go along and pretend, we are positive and everything is going super amazing and we are feeling great. We send funny texts, laugh at ourselves and pretend we are this positive, conscious person who is feeling good and living the dream or at least working on one. We stay in jobs that don’t fill our soul, cause the money is really good and we stay safe in a system that is not safe.

When the reality is, you are really crying inside, living in a suffering state and not feeling good about anything in your life.

We spend countless dollars on therapy which is absolutely great, if you are really doing the emotional and mental work of journaling, aspect work, and self-development and integrating the aspects into wholeness. The question is- Are we really doing the healing work emotionally and mentally?

Oh and yes, your family relationships. Let’s not forget about how we all grow up in the same family, and yet all have different traumas that happened during the years…I would be serious about what story you are telling yourself about this?

We wear this mask, and we choose the mask accordingly.

Right? Especially since we are such a “feel good”, quick fix”, “get it tomorrow” kind of society.


I know this probably sounds really weird, but it’s a reality. How many times, do we rarely take time for ourselves and have quiet time to contemplate about life? Sometimes, we need an hour or a day.

We don’t and we blame everyone outside of ourselves for everything.

Well, this new year 2023 is the year of accountability and re-evaluation of ourselves and everything in our life.

Ask yourself this year, “What voices are speaking to me this year?” and when a thought comes up, “Is this for my highest good right now?"

Some other ways to stay conscious and mindful would be, who’s voice is this?

Is this my or my fearful self who doesn’t feel safe? Listen and stay present this year, I know I will more than I ever have.

It's time we re-evaluate the voices in “our head”. We need to be asking who is speaking to us- What exactly do I mean?

Well, is it your mother/father talking? Your grandmother? Someone in your ancestor line or someone around you who was close to you? A lot of times when we get a thought, we form the beliefe and then live our life from there, and we don’t ask whose thought it is? Or sit and contemplate if the thought works for us or ask for divine aligment.

A lot of times our thoughts are the collective of Humanity and not even ours…just let that sit. Thats the consciousness of how BIG and powerful we all are.

Stay present this year to every thought…and ask more questions please.

Love over Fear,


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