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Twin Flame Energies

Feminine /Masculine- yes we have both inside.

When the towers come down in my own life spiritually, professionally, emotionally etc my whole life started to shift. I was not sure what was happening honestly ..that was the start of my 2017.

I felt so angry and disappointed in so many areas of my life and layed in it confused and paralized.

I enrolled myself back to college, started to double my meditation practice and increased energy healing sessions on myself. I decided I am going to change, I am going to be the woman I always wanted to be and in doing this knew I had to clean my heart out. ....and that was the beginning of everything. It was cleasning all the residue and facing myself on a deeper level.

Me- She has been preparing for him which has awakened him to new reality

New desires of life.

A hunger for more, crave like nothing he's ever experienced

Holy mergence of fire and freedom.

Keep forgiving him...all of them.

Keep letting her grieve (me) and release the mask wearing- forgive her and give other women permission to heal and clean their heart out too.

Let your divine masculine energies within you heal all the fears of you not being enough or worthy. Not doing enough or making enough money. Not feeling secure enough in his skin to shine his light.

He is also burning the old, uncomfortable and not happy with this process and knows it's necessary- awakening and healing his betrayals ...his self abandonment...his anger and resentment from other woman and people and times he had abandoned himself.

He MUST forgive and let the old consciousness die and dissolve. Pray for them and you and me.

Letting her go now ....

All the betrayal and hurts and upset of not being good enough and have been doing something wrong your whole life.

We have to let go to make room for what’s next.

Purge and let the Phoenix help burn it to the ashes and help you rebirth into the Newlife your soul wants.

Please be patient with him as you are patient with her,

It’s not easy for either of you.

Growth is a choice.

Growth is healing.

Growth is the only way to feed both of yourselves.

I love you and want to be with you,

I have no idea how to tell you any of this my aspect of fear speaks up to tell me to shut up.

Again in the flame, I burn away the old and transform into the new me couargeously and in that we unite.

We meet.

We laugh.

We made it.

Here we are.

Love over fear,


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