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The Heart Cleanse

The masculine and feminine energies of the world are all out of wack....Including mine within me.

This Is what I am devoted to working on within me....and have been for the last 5 years. I'm familiar with toxic masculinity, men being taught from a young age not to show emotions, using women fur sexual pleasure, fearing emotional intimacy because of abandonment beliefs /'s weak to cry, etc and they have to force, push, and do everything the hard way.

The feminine side of things....fear to be seen but, want to be seen so bad.

The feminine fears rejection, fears deep love, wants to be heard, but fears to speak and fears she will be abandoned becuase of how many times she has abandoned herself.

She wants to revel in the goddess grounded spiritual power, but fears if she does she will be judged and take up too much space.

What's currently going on across the globe is an imbalance in these energies from my point of view.

Control, greed, misuse of power... the feminine has been pushed aside for quite awhile and she has pushed herself to the side.

She is angry, frustrated and so full of hurt. She has grown bitter and has held grudges deep inside of her (this includes me) ...She has held onto angry energy pretending to be okay.

She has held on to old pain in the heart.

She has held on to past relationships and praying for him to return.

She has held on to resentment using it as amo for anyone coming into her space.

She has held onto grief in the heart which has hardened to rage on the surface.

But things are starting to shift.

I feel the shift in me happening.

Cleaning out the bitterness in my heart....saying good bye to old hurts I have held on to, setting better boundaries, speaking my truth gently, having compassion for myself, being authentic with how I feel, letting go of judgement and making peace with my judging.

Most of all, forgiving myself.

Knowing I am worthy of this sovereignty that I hold, as well as you do.

I am more interested in my own feminism and masculinity within me and how I have attracted relationships based on where I was within me...

I know for me, I had to find how to how to heal my emotional wounds, how to shed my limiting belief systems that were no longer serving me and the breaking of old behaviors.

I am still doing this and will continue to do this.

Now more then ever learning how to self-love, self-care, learning how to have healthy relationships, how to set healthy boundaries, and how to come back to wholeness within me. I know now that no one outside of me can do this.

I pray that we all have the courage to step into who we really are and love all of it. I pray we all have the courage to energetically clean our heart out.

Yes, including the parts we don’t want to:)

By doing that, and putting that out there for everyone to see, we are creating the space for other people to do the same.

We clear and acknowledge the pains and bitter energy in our hearts.

We alchemize.

Our consciousness up-levels ...and that is incredibly powerful.

Through my own pain and suffering, I created the heart cleanse for women and men. Its incredibly powerful and loaded with tools of alchemy with the violet flame. It will teach you profound tools to dig deep and release.

Join me for my heart cleanse workshop. What are you still holding on to? Whats still there blocking you from a new soul relationship?

There has never been a better time then now- its time!

Love over fear,


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