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Spiritual Coaching and Energy Healing?

Imagine your energy field as a tapestry woven from the threads of your interactions and experiences with others. Each relationship leaves its mark, intertwining your energy with theirs in a dance of connection. While some connections may be nurturing and supportive, others can become entangled and draining, siphoning away your vitality and holding you back from stepping fully into your own power.

When we cut energy cords with past relationships, we are reclaiming sovereignty over our own energy field. We are releasing attachments and dependencies that no longer serve our highest good, freeing ourselves from the energetic baggage of the past. This allows us to move forward with clarity and intention, unburdened by the weight of old wounds and unresolved emotions.

Furthermore, cutting energy cords is an act of self-love and self-preservation. It is a declaration of boundaries and self-respect, affirming that we deserve to surround ourselves with energies that uplift and inspire us. By severing ties with toxic or draining relationships, we create space for new connections that align with our soul's growth and evolution.

Moreover, cutting energy cords is an essential step in the process of soul integration when you are on the s. It is about reclaiming lost fragments of ourselves that may have become enmeshed in the energy fields of others. By retrieving these aspects of our being, we are able to embody greater wholeness and authenticity, stepping into the fullness of who we are meant to be.

As a Soul Integration Coach, I guide individuals through the process of cutting energy cords with compassion and wisdom. Together, we identify the relationships and attachments that are ready to be released, and we create sacred rituals and practices to facilitate the process. Through this transformative work, individuals experience profound healing and liberation, reclaiming their energy and stepping boldly into the next chapter of their journey.

In conclusion, cutting energy cords with past relationships is not only imperative but also profoundly liberating. It is a sacred act of self-love and empowerment, allowing individuals to reclaim their energy, integrate fragmented aspects of their being, and move forward on their path with clarity and purpose.


How is life going to feel after I have energy healings and energy re-sets?

Life after getting these energy clearings can be amazing. They can feel like a rebirth, shedding of old skin to revel the radiant essence that you are. Here are some common experiences that individuals may experience after working with Joann:

1.      Sense of Liberation-Cutting energy cords and energy clearings often bring a sense of relief, freedom, and clarity to the person. They are usually filled with energy, unlike they had before. They feel something has shifted and yet can not place their hand on it.

2.      Increase Clarity and Focus. With energetic clutter cleared away, individuals may experience greater mental desires and priorities, and they can direct their energy toward pursuits that align with their highest alignment for life.

3.      Emotional Healing: Releasing energy cords can facilitate deep emotional healing. Past wounds and trauma may begin to heal, allowing individuals to release pent up pain, discomfort in the body, mental anguish, and anxiety towards greater balance.

4.      Renewed sense of self: Discovery to sense of self and more self-love.

5.      Heightened Intuition: With the energetic clutter cleared away, people start to see, feel and hear more on an intuitive level- A 6th sense. They are better able to tune into their inner-guidance.

6.      Increased Energy and Vitality: Cutting and Clearing any energy will leave you feeling energized and happy, peaceful and grounded into yourself.

7.      Openness to New Connections: Cutting energy cords creates space for new and more nourishing relationships. Individuals may find themselves more open and receptive to new relationships, both romantic, and platonic. Those relationships will align with your current vibration of energy.

8.      Empowerment: Empowering and feeling like you can do and accomplish anything. You feel free of the heavy baggage that once held you down.

While the process of cutting energy cords and clearing one’s energy bodies it can bring up uncomfortable feelings.

It can also bring of stuck and stored emotions allowing the physical body, emotional body and mental body to release. Most of the time the physical symptoms are a result of suppressed emotions over years.

The eventual outcome of it is one of profound growth, healing, and empowering to create your own way the way you want it and on your terms. It is a journey toward greater self -awareness, wholeness, and alignment with one’s true essence.

A person may choose to also do shadow work and move into deeper work with the soul and energetically align with ones life path!


Hustle and Grace in the Same Space,


Joann Malanga

Soul Integration Coach

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