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Great ways to detox your mind

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Sometimes I feel many of us are searching for a quick fix and end all be all. Well, I can tell you after countless coaches, self help tools, and meditations - nothing helped cause my mind would not stop chattering. It would speak and speak and would not shut up. I was so mean to myself until I finally got it! It was like a light bulb went on one day! It was magic.

Here are some great tips that have served me well in the last couple of years.

My prayer is for humanity to awaken on the deepest levels, so that together we can help create a more peaceful, integrated and supportive world of compassion.

Some great tips to detox the mind.

  1. Be aware of the music you listen to and the words. Words are programs for the mind. We don't even realize it, but we are always programming ourselves. Watch the frequency of music!

  2. Turn off the news and any program that has war, killing, and negative attachments.

  3. Feed your mind "health" food, like you do your body. I am not talking about positive affirmations and yes those help too. I am speaking about a couple of positive mindset chats you can "mother or father" yourself when you do get into a rut or have a monkey mind going on.

  4. Take a shower/bath. Water has a very detoxing effect on the physical body, but also on the mind too. It is said that the ancient mystics would wash with water, purify and feel more clear after bathing in some form of water.

  5. Ask yourself, Are these thoughts coming from the past or am I having fear for the future?

  6. Meditate or sit in prayer.

  7. Breathe - 3 deep breathes from your belly to clear whatever energy is coming up or coming out.

  8. Get out in Nature or go for a walk anywhere. Stay present with moving the body.

  9. Ask the mind what it's trying to tell you. Ask your mind what it needs.

  10. Watch some Mind food kind of stuff! There are some great movies, podcasts and u-tube videos on positive mindsets.

  11. Shift the energy and shift what your doing. If you find yourself in a toxic mental state, get up and shift the energy. Don't sit in the energy, get up and do something else.

Hope this helps!


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