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Joann Malanga The Integrative Conscious Vibe

I am a Soul Integration Coach and here as a Resource.
What is your soul calling you to?

Daily offerings: RTT Hypnosis for Trauma, Reiki, Energy healing, Universal RayHealing,  and Shadow Work. Helping you integrate all aspects of YOU  with practical ways of real life living.

Rediscover Yourself 


The Integrative Conscious Vibe
Joann Malanga The Integrative Conscious Vibe

Meet Joann

Professional RTT hypnotherapy, Soul Integration Coach, Intuitive  Teacher of Consciousness  with Holistic Therapies

My story in 30 years of Healthcare for our sick elderly plunged me into my awakening back in 2011. Year after year thinking I was sick, and taking on so much of other peoples energy until I learned how to self love and WAKE up out of my own sleep! I realized I needed to face myself instead of running from my own inner trauma, inner childhood wounding, and my own shadows that I pushed away instead of bringing them closer and loving all parts of myself. I quietly suffered, while everyone else around me thought I was okay and happy. I took so many long roads, and was in therapy for years only to play the same old story every week. Until - I HAD ENOUGH! I suffered enough and had enough of self betrayal and giving my power way to therapist/teachers and my indulgent mental and emotional ways. By the way- most of the therapists were not willing to give 1 minute over the time- they would have their buzzer waiting...sound familiar? Guess what - THATS NOT LOVE. We can get into that another time... Me, here now is to be a resource for you in this real life! I am an Integrated Conscious Soul walking the planet! Like a cosmic fire waiting to lite you up and train and teach you and everyone real life skills!

My intention is to end world suffering as I awaken one person at a time. I welcome you to own your own power as we create a bridge into the new world. Sending you the most highest unconditional love cause you are so worth it!!!

 I will wake you up in ways you never thought possible!

Praise for Joann

Having a Universal Ray healing with Joann is an extraordinary experience. The only thing better is having more sessions. The work was intense and left me feeling lighter and lifted. I highly recommend taking the time to explore this type of healing with her.

-Laura Casper, New York

Joann is a woman to be reckoned with. Her strong sense of community and ability to awaken you to parts of yourself that were asleep for so long is in your face. She will help you break agreements, dissolve old programs and get to the depth of your feelings and inspire a strong sense of desire to bring you to the next level. She will make you jump into that next phase and ride the gravitational force. She is a beautiful force of nature!! If you work with Joann, your life will absolutely shift you into the life you have always wanted, like it did for me!

-Pheonix, Austin, Texas

I am grateful for Joann, for her patience, allowing me to step up and grow in my life. Her compassionate heart and powerful will is amazing! She will encourage you to jump even with fear at the forefront! I say “do it” and stop waiting, because time will run out!

-Paul, New Jersey

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