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Tips for energy clearing in your space.

10 easy ways to remove the negative energy in your home

  • Set a new intention for your home. You can write it out, or just speak it loud. What do you want for your space?

  • Try burning dried herbs. I use sage. You find one that works for you.

  • I start at one end of the home and open windows first.

  • Then I light the sage and work my way around just letting it burn.

  • I pray on my home and all the people that live here. For love and light to bless them. I ask for all energies not of unconditional love to leave at once. I say that I do not consent to anything other then god energy to fill my space AND THAT EVERYTHING ELSE MUST GO NOW.

  • I smoke the rooms and the windows slowly and intentionally.

  • Strategically place your crystals if you have any.

  • Burn incense if you feel to.

  • Cleanse your house with salt or you can leave a bowl with salt at your door with some plants, herbs, and nice lanterns if you have. I always have an angel too.

  • Give the whole place a fresh cleaning. Some people like lemon/orange smell.

  • Fill your space with real live plants.

  • Place dirty clothes out of sight or wash them.

Feel good and beautiful in your space. Of course if it still feels energetically "dirty" or something else is there....then call me of course! We will do a deeper reset for you

Love ya.

Hustle and Grace in the same space.


Soul Integration Coach

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