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Ayahuasca Journey: Before, During, and Aftercare. The Real truth.

Embarking on a Plant medicine journey can be a profound and transformative experience and has the potential to catalyze deep healing and spiritual growth. Before delving into the depths of this sacred medicine, it's essential to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and energetically for the journey.

Before the Journey (Don't wait for the Shaman or Facilitator to send you a note):

  1. Set your intentions. Take time to reflect on your life. What do you need to see, hear, and experience or let go of to have the life you want? Ask for the process to be gentle and full of grace.

  2. Prepare your body. Usually, they will instruct to cut out many foods that upset the stomach and can cause digestion issues on a spiritual level. This helps to cleanse and purify your physical vessel, allowing you to receive the medicine more fully. See what they say to do prior.

  3. Clear your energy.

  4. Engage in practices such as meditation, yoga and energy healing. This will help open the mind, body, and spirit. This creates a receptive space to receive and allow whatever is to come through to come through. This also creates a space for Ayahuasca to support you.

  5. Ask questions.

  6. Know where it is being held and if the sacred space is being cleared and blessed prior to the ceremony.

  7. Open your heart.

  8. Nourish with plenty of water before, during, and after.

After the journey.

  1. Integrate the experience. Take time alone to integrate your own unique experience. Refrain from speaking to others and comparing notes. Everyone has a different experience and also will evolve at their own pace. Journaling and meditationself-care will support you in this way.

  2. Practice self care and self-love. Be gentle with yourself as you navigate post-ceremony integration practice. Engage in self-care practices and rest, nourish, and spend time in nature to rebalance and connect to the earth and mother and father god of the lands.

  3. Seek support as needed. Get a Soul Integration Coach, Spiritual Council, or energy healer if you find yourself struggling with process or integration. Remember, you opening up portals within yourself. This process is not to be taken lightly. You may also have dark entities attaching and coming from others. It's Part of the process and once you open, you will need to face at some points aspects of yourself in which we call the shadow. Don't think for a moment you can do this alone.

The importance of energy before and after.

The environment is always the most important.

Use your inner wisdom to discern if the place is sacred and space is cleared. I have heard all kinds of stories from clients that have gone to ceremony in a person's basement with people purging all over the place. Another client stated that they could feel dark energies all around and their gut instinct was telling them to get out of the space. They didn't listen and ended up having a horrible experience. The facilitator did not clear space or make it sacred. So, the learning here is trust yourself and honor what you feel. What's the worst thing if you change your mind and leave? Nothing.

Feel free to reach out to me if you are finding you need support navigating your transformation and exploring your multi-dimensional self. Energy Clearings and connection are always what makes the process much more graceful as you navigate evolution.

Hustle and Grace in the same space,


Soul Integration Coach

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